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Want to be a Charm City Roller Girl?

There are no tryouts scheduled at this time BUT if you want to get a jump start on the next one, you can get involved with the league now by volunteering!  Being a NSO is a great way to learn the rules and game play!  

Please contact:  or

The Charm City Roller Girls (CCRG) is Baltimore's only all-female flat track roller derby league. CCRG is a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and is proudly skater owned and operated.

E-mail for more information.

Interested in CCRG Tryouts? Please read our FAQ section and general info below prior to registering.


Think you have what it takes to join the Charm City Roller Girls on the track? Before you slap on those skates, be sure to:

Find out what the heck roller derby is anyway!

- Check out Derby News Network's Roller Derby Basics and read the rules from the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

- Learn how CCRG runs! Did you know we're skater owned and operated? Check out who we are to find out more about the league structure and how it runs day to day.

Watch a bout.

- Roller derby is a full contact sport and roller derby players are athletes. Many skaters are on the track at least three times a week and workout  outside of practice. You'll want to be honest with yourself about the level of effort required to play and the potential dangers associated with it.

Let us know you’re interested!

- Contact our Skatertot Liaison by sending an e-mail to with any questions that you have. Join our Skatertots Yahoo! Group in order to stay updated with information on joining, asking league members questions and for potential recruits to communicate with each other, share information, organize carpools and find skating buddies.

Make an investment in gear!

- CCRG requires all skaters to wear protective gear while on skates. The required protective gear includes a helmet, elbowpads and kneepads, wrist guards, and a mouthguard. Although it's not required to try out, you will eventually need to purchase your own pair of quad speed skates (and you'll likely want to do this as soon as possible after wearing mental rentals!).

- Making an investment in quality gear that fits your budget is worthwhile- just ask any skater who suffered problems from ill fitting skates or the wrong knee pads. We recommend  your pads should be skateboard style kneepads, not the smaller pads included in inline skating sets. Additionally, we recommend your helmet should also be a skateboard style helmet, not a bike helmet, which are single impact (meaning they are designed to only withstand one hit to the head).



See the FAQ for a list of online skate shops.

Get skating!

- A number of area rinks hold open skates during the week for you to get your skate legs under you and many of these are attended by league members and other potential roller girls (look for the girls in pads). And don't forget about the great outdoors!

- In general we look for the following skills during tryouts, many of which are taught at workshops:

Basic Skating Skills
*Forward skating
*Power glides
*Skating on one foot
*Crossovers (both directions)

Endurance Skills
*Skating 23 laps in 5 minutes on a derby track
*Recovery from falls to resume skating

Basic Derby Skills
*Falls (single knee, double knee and four point)
*Stops (T stop, plow stop, turn around toe stops)
*Lateral motion
*Proper derby form (bent knees, low squat-like stance)
*Pack skating (skating in close proximity)

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the next try outs? What do I need to know?
A: CCRG holds league try outs a couple times per year. We try to post any upcoming clinics and open practices as soon as possible.

Q: Isn't Baltimore too far away from me?
A: No! CCRG is comprised of skaters from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC. If you live in one of those places, you can likely find other rollergirls with which to split the driving and carpool to CCRG practices, which are just off 95 and 695 on the East side of Baltimore city.
Q: Is there an age or insurance requirement?
A: CCRG requires all skaters to be 18-years-of-age or older.  The ages of skaters on our league range from 18 to 40-something. Although primary health insurance is not required, we strongly suggest you have it. As part of CCRG membership, we offer discounted secondary liability  insurance, but it's called secondary for a reason - it's not meant to replace regular primary health insurance.
Q: Do I need to know how to skate to tryout?
A: Many skaters join the league after not skating since their 12th birthday party, but some basic skating skills are required. These include forward skating, power glides, skating on one foot and crossovers. Derby specific skills will be taught during workshops for you to practice on your own time.

Q: What can I do to prepare for try outs?
A: We suggest you join our Skatertots Yahoo! Group by emailing the administrator at The Skatertots Yahoo! Group provides resources such as league announcements as to when we will be holding skills training for ladies looking to tryout, and it's a great place to meet other ladies like yourself, who usually organize their own skills meet-ups at local rinks during open skate.

Q: Where are practices held, what are the times, and how many times per week do you practice?
A: The majority of CCRG season practices are held at area rinks, which are just off 95 and 695 on the East side of Baltimore city. CCRG typically offers 3-4 practices a week, including weeknights and weekend mornings. CCRG practices are often designed by skill level, and we offer a range of days and times for you to fulfill your attendance requirement as a skater (50% leading up to each bout). Dates, times and locations are subject to change and you will be informed of the schedule after passing tryouts.
Our season runs January through November. The beginning of the season is our intraleague season where our home teams bout. Our interleague season for All Star and B-Team runs throughout the spring and summer with bouts both at home and away. Although we still have some practices in December, there are fewer and they are dedicated to helping our newest skaters prepare for the coming season.
Q: Is there anything else required of league members or can I just show up and skate?
A: CCRG is a skater owned and operate league, which means each skater plays a role in running the operations of CCRG. Each league member is required to join a committee and provide service to help the league run. These committees do everything from organizing bouts, designing our posters, completing paperwork relating to insurance, handling league PR, to marketing and planning events. Some committees require more outside time than others, but they can provide a great opportunity to use your real world skills or learn some new ones!

Q: Do league members pay dues?
A: Yes. League members are required to pay $35 each month to cover costs associated with practice space rental and other league expenses. We do not disqualify those who may have trouble paying dues from becoming skaters. Our finance committee is more than happy to work with skaters who may be facing financial hardships.

Q: So I passed tryouts. Am I immediately on a team?
A: Not yet. CCRG has developed an assessment system to ensure that the coaching squad can tailor drills and practices to particular skill levels and to maintain a level of safety in scrimmaging and bouting scenarios.

Skaters who pass tryouts enter as freshmeat skaters. They start learning blocking and other intermediate skills needed to scrimmage with the league. The freshmeat next assess to become "orange stars" which will allow them to scrimmage with the league and learn advanced skills for bouting and strategy to play the game. After passing this assessment, skaters become "green stars" which allows them to be drafted on to a home team, participate in B-Team bouts and try out for the All Star team.

There are a minimum number of practices a skater needs to attend to assess for the next star level, but this is only a minimum. The skills of roller derby are not easy to learn (no one really played derby as a kid!) and each skater may take different amounts of time to assess. On average, the process can take three months.

Q: I'm not so sure I want to play, are there other ways I can help the league?
A: We're always looking for a few committed men and women to join our officials squad.

What does that entail?

Skating Refs:
Working bouts and scrimmage practices to enforce WFTDA rules
Skating experience helps, but is not required
A thick skin- skaters can be a bit vocal :)
Attending bout days and practices (Up to 2 practices a week; One bout a month)
Some travel may be required

Non Skating Officials (NSOs):
Working bouts to record penalties, stats and help the whole thing happen!
A love of roller derby but maybe not skating so much :)
Able to focus in a hectic, loud environment
Attending bout days and practices as needed (up to once a week).

We will train you on all positions and the rules and introduce you to the wonderful world of whistles and dry erase boards! If you are interested contact our Head Ref at

We're also always looking for volunteers to help us on bout days and make the whole circus happen! Volunteering is a great way for potential skaters and fans alike to see roller derby for free and get to know your favorite roller girls! Send an email to or visit our Volunteer Army Yahoo! Group to sign up.

Q: I’m currently skating with another league but am interested in transferring to CCRG. Who do I contact?
A: The current procedure for transfer skater is outlined below, but is subject to change. Please Please e-mail for the most up to date transfer policy guidelines and Letter of Recommendation form.

Transfers from WFTDA Leagues:
* Does not need to attend tryouts
* Must Have completed 1 full season of bouting on previous league
* Must provide 2 letters of recommendation
Transfers from Non-WFTDA Leagues:
*Must attend CCRG tryouts
*Must have completed 1 full season of bouting on previous league
*Must provide 2 letters of recommendation

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